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Every designer is interested in staying abreast of the latest developments in this field, as well as being aware of current trends…

Every designer is interested in staying abreast of the latest developments in this field, as well as being aware of current trends or trends in the market. In fact, web design is so dynamic that it was considered fresh and modern today, it may seem completely outdated tomorrow.

And that is why it is very important to be in the trend and always keep track of all changes. Every design should understand that this is a continuous process of learning and teaching. Let’s understand what trends and trends will be in demand for web design in 2018 and some even in 2020.

Patterns, lines and circles, geometric shapes

This trend appeared in 2016, gained popularity in 2017 and will continue to develop in 2018. Using mixed forms and patterns on the page you can achieve remarkable results.

First of all, the design values the composition and the complete picture of the layout. Flat design and material design are very well combined with decorative elements and simple forms. 2D design continues to live, but it has undergone some changes.

Bright colors

We add bright colors and we make a name for ourselves! Material design and flat design are perfectly matched with juicy colors. Color transitions are one of the trends in modern design. Instagram was the first company to change its corporate images and logos.

They changed flat colors to multi-colored gradients and transitions. Logos, buttons, all the elements got a new style. This is the trend of 2017 and we see that it will remain in 2018. The main thing here is to combine colors correctly and not to look shouting.

Unique illustrations and graphics

Graphic design is becoming tight within the usual web design. It has great potential and in general is not yet fully disclosed. I think in the trend of 2018 we will see an increase in the popularity of graphic illustration. I suggest that you get acquainted with some areas of interest among designers.


The approach to photocontent on e-commerce sites will remain relevant in 2018, moving away from the same images in stores towards unique author’s photographs.

What is curious, all the prerequisites are there: more than 60% of users believe that the decisive factor in the purchase of photos, so the stores pay maximum attention to them.


Animated objects are now everywhere: logos, icons on sites and applications, transitions between the states of objects in material design. Sometimes even in mailing lists it is possible to sneak into the interactive: they are surrounded by background video, built-in ordering process, and full menus.

Video and GIF of excellent quality, working on a continuous cycle, offering a smooth visual pleasure to our eyes, are considered as a popular way to add drama and movement to pages. It successfully keeps the visitor’s attention for a long time.


Old and well-known PNG, JPG, and even GIF formats are things from the past. They have long been invented and have no place in the modern world. Now more attention is paid to the quality of images and their availability. SVG will become #1 in popularity.

It is easily scalable and, moreover, without loss of quality. In addition, the size of the original image SVG format is very acceptable. It will be the best format for small graphic elements. Concerning the software, Sketch will press Photoshop.

It already now makes development easier and faster. Its functionality is several times greater than that of Photoshop, and we believe that in 2018 the difference will be very significant. As a result, Adobe will lose some of its dedicated web and UI designers. Try our cost calculator to find out how much it costs to develop a unique and selling design.

Professional Social Networks

Well, we now know in which direction web design trends will develop, but what about social networks? Do we have to understand them and pay more attention to them? In short, definitely yes. The most popular among designers Behance and Dribbble will become even more authoritative.

Your works will significantly increase brand recognition on the expanses of these designer social networks. In 2018, design will continue to follow the current trends of 2017, but still it will be enriched with new colors and ideas. It is worth noting that design is one of the most important phases of web development, which takes up to 30% of all time.

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