About Us

Have you noticed that the demand for freelancing services has grown noticeably now? And even large companies have become more frequently involved in their projects not only by web studios, but also by private specialists remotely.

No, I won’t tell you which one of the specialists is better. Someone who works at home or who sits in the office of the agency. But since I am a freelancer, I want to give you a few reasons in our favor.

I can perfectly understand the customers, how difficult it is to make a choice in favor of one or another performer. I myself have repeatedly acted in this capacity. Therefore, I understand well what you expect from a person.

So that he did not fail, and with the quality did not screw up, and that the price was adequate. Everyone is interested in it.


Let’s start with quality, because the most important thing is the result. People are ready to pay more for quality and wait longer.

At the moment, the market for web design has grown so much that finding a specialist on freelance is no longer a problem, as it was a couple of years ago. Former beginners have been trained, have developed a portfolio and are able to create excellent products. No worse than a web studio.

It is enough to go to any freelance exchange and browse the first few pages of the rating. Well, or just to score in the search engine phrase “order the design of the site”.

Speed of execution

Deadlines are another important factor. A responsible freelancer, whose orders are the main source of income, is interested in terms not less than the customer. I know about it from my own experience.

For example, I never take more than 2-3 orders at a time. And if it is a large project, it is better not to be distracted by small and medium. And I want to finish the project on time or earlier to get full payment and move on.

In agencies everything works differently. Several specialists work on the project. And web-design is only one of the stages of development. In the best case they are followed, in the worst case they are increased. It depends on the organizational structure and the normalized schedule of employees.

Freelancers often work at night, on holidays and weekends. Not everything and not always … But the fact that we have more than 8 hours a day, that’s right.


You can find super expensive studios and very expensive freelance designers. The same applies to the cheap ones. There are as well as new studios inexpensive studios, and freelancers with low prices.

But if we take a specific budget we will allow for $1000 and start to choose a studio or freelancer. The choice will be between an average agency and a specialist with experience above average. I think you have understood the analogy.

Another advantage in our favour is transparency. Studios are often sinned by price increases in the course of their work. And the agencies’ websites do not usually indicate the prices “from…” And when it comes to the calculation of the project, the price increases as if on yeast for each refinement and trifle.

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