What is CBD


Having to live with a pain that we don’t know where it comes from or how to treat is very uncomfortable, isn’t it? It hinders our routine, our rest, and, many times, it hinders us from doing any activity at home. On the other hand, science advances in research and studies that show the effectiveness of a natural substance that is already well known in the United States and Europe: CBD.

This is how Bino Demengeon, a pensioner who has lived in the United States for more than 40 years, stopped feeling the pain in his arm that bothered him for many years. “I took CBD for two months. It’s been six months since I took it, and I’ve never had pain again,” he says.

Now 70, he lived for decades in Chicago and thought the pains he felt were from the cold. “I thought it was rheumatism, an old person’s thing,” he jokes. It was when he moved to Dallas and the pains continued that his wife found some content on the Internet that talked about CBD and how it had helped eliminate pain for many people.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of the cannabinoid substances found in the Hemp plant.

And you might think: Is it okay? Won’t it get me high, won’t I get high?

The answer is no. Scientists have already discovered that it is not CBD that causes the psychotropic effects related to the use of hemp – the substance that does this is THC. Cannabidiol acts in the human body only by generating positive effects.

How does CBD act in our body?

To give you a better understanding, every human being has a natural endocannabinoid system in the body. A network of neurotransmitters and cannabinoid receptors present throughout the central and peripheral nervous system, responsible for regulating various physiological and cognitive processes – including fertility and pregnancy, immunity, pain sensation, mood, memory, and various other functions.

The key point is that our body naturally produces endocannabinoid substances, similar to those found in hemp, to stimulate these receptors scattered throughout the body and aid in homeostasis, which is the maintenance of a stable internal body environment.

So when we ingest CBD, it connects to this endocannabinoid system and assists in this regulation. We already have studies that claim that cannabidiol helps treat or assists in treating various diseases. In other situations, CBD can be applied to decrease side effects of treatments, such as chemotherapy or hemodialysis.

Meet Purely CBD

In Brazil, the debate for the legalization of the medicinal use of cannabidiol is ongoing. The most recent news is the approval of Bill 399/15 by the House of Representatives, which legalizes the cultivation of hemp by legal entities for medicinal, veterinary, scientific and industrial purposes. The basic text must now be voted on in the Senate.

Once the bill is approved, it will be easier to access CBD oils and products for medicinal use, as is the case with the products of Purely CBD, one of the largest suppliers of raw material of substances with cannabidiol in the United States. The company arrives in Brazil with the intention of helping people and their treatments with high quality CBD products.

10% cbd oil is proving to be a great remedy for different kinds of conditions and ailments that affect the human body, information is power, and you should learn more about the product and possibly try it out.

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