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In this article we will consider the device of electronic cigarette from the perspective of its direct functionality. The main purpose of an e-cigarette is to generate steam from a liquid. Therefore, we must first know where the liquid in the cigarette is, where it is fed and how it is then converted into steam.

For storage and evaporation of liquid in modern models of electronic cigarettes uses a cliromizer – cartridge, in its design combined with an atomizer (evaporator). Previously, for these purposes, the two elements considered above were used separately. A special tank with transparent walls made of tempered glass is provided for storing liquid in the cliromiser. This peculiarity of the construction of the cliromiser gave its name to the device as a result. The word cliromiser comes from the English “clear” + cartomizer, respectively.

The evaporator device of the e-cigarette is as follows: the evaporation of liquid occurs during its supply to the heating element of the evaporator, by passing it through a conductive material. Today, the material used for wicks is high quality organic cotton, produced in Japan. Only non-combustible materials are used, as the spiral heats up very intensely in a short period of time during the steaming process.

Most models use heating spirals with different types of resistance as such elements. The higher the resistance, the less thick steam is produced by the cigarette, and the more steaming in this case is similar to smoking a regular cigarette. Conversely, the lower the resistance, the more powerful the puff, the thicker the steam, and the stronger the flavor. In the second case, the steaming reminds us of some analogue of hookah.

In the old models of electronic cigarettes, evaporators were disposable and after their full workout, the evaporator had to be thrown out together with the cartridge. In most new electronic cigarettes used replaceable evaporators. At the end of their service life, you will only need to install a new evaporator in the cliromiser to continue steaming. Most modern cliromisers also have a blowing control function. By setting this function, you can change the amount of steam produced and the strength/ease of tightening.

Today, there are also serviceable evaporators. To use them, you should first learn how to make or wrap a heating element – spiral. But, having mastered this skill, you will be able to significantly reduce your costs for the necessary materials for waking, as well as get the opportunity for a very fine individual adjustment of the parameters of the steaming to your personal taste.

Now we come to the following conclusion: in order for the liquid to evaporate the heating coil, it must also be electrically powered. For this purpose, the e-cigarette has a second element – battery pack or battery.

Electronic Cigarette Battery Device

In the case of electronic cigarettes of the previous generations, the battery was shaped like an ordinary cigarette and visually was a complete harmonious continuation of its department with the mouthpiece and cliromiser. In modern electronic cigarettes, which are now more often called mods or boxmodes (so have the shape of a small rectangular box) battery is either built into the body, or used interchangeable batteries of different types.

In most modern mods, it is usually batteries of type 18650. Thus, we can conclude that the two main elements of any e-cigarette or fashion are a cliromiser (evaporator) and a battery pack (battery). The first serves to store liquid and supply it to the evaporator, and the second serves to supply voltage to heat the evaporator coil.

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